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I knew that I wanted to be a writer aged seven, when an unhealthy obsession with ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ and the subsequent typewriter I received that Christmas prompted me to start writing stories. 

I wrote all through my teenage years, and university, where I studied a 4 year Bachelor of Broadcasting Degree at the University of Leeds, working on home-makeover shows with Handy Andy along the way. I continued my studies with an MA in Screenwriting from the London College of Communication, graduating in 2009.

My first book, 'For The Record,' was published in 2011 by Penguin Random House and I have been writing professionally ever since. 

I live in Southend-on-Sea with my husband, 6 year-old son and 1 year-old daughter.

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‘For The Record’ was my first book, published by Penguin Random House in 2011. It’s about Luke, who is obsessed with Guinness World Records. When his village becomes threatened with demolition, he uses his knowledge to try and save the day! ‘A feel-good family drama with plenty of humour and a great cast of crazy characters. Warm and touching, with lots of heart’ - The Bookseller

‘Billie Templar’s War’ was published in 2012, and won the James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award. Billie’s Dad is in the army and, desperate for him to come home safe and sound, she concocts a plan, involving an OAP marching band, elephants, fireworks and the Queen.

‘The Mute Button’ came out in 2014. It won the Stockton Children’s Book Award in 2016 and in November 2020, was published in France as ‘Motus et Bouche Cousue.’

‘Fleeced’ was published in 2015 and is my funniest story yet. Charlie’s family unexpectedly inherit a farm in Scotland, and discover that one of the sheep is extremely valuable. Can Charlie stop Alan Shearer, the prize sheep, from being stolen?

‘The Matilda Effect’ was published in 2017 and is my most successful book to date. 12-year-old Matilda loves science and inventing and one day enters her best invention into the school science competition. She doesn’t win, even though her invention is the best, because no-one believes she’s made it by herself, because she’s a girl - ridiculous! Outraged, she tells her Granny Joss, who shares with Matilda her own tale of injustice: years ago, when she was an astrophysicist, Joss discovered a brand-new planet. But her boss claimed that *he* discovered it and is about to be awarded a Nobel Prize! Matilda contrives to bust Granny out of her care home and the pair go on a mad adventure to Sweden, to gatecrash the Nobel Prize Ceremony and tell everyone the truth!

‘The Matilda Effect’ has won the James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award and the Prix Chronos Award in France. It has been shortlisted for many more and has been reviewed in The Guardian, The Sunday Express, The Big Issue, Teach Primary and even on French TV!

It has so far also been published in France, China, Russia, Turkey, Lithuania, South Korea and Ukraine.

I have also written several educational texts for Pearson’s ‘Bug Club’ class reads, and guided reading story ‘A Tortoise Keeper’s Diary,’ for Oxford University Press.

My debut picture book, ‘Oh Armadillo!’ will be published by Quarto Books in February 2023. Find out more in the ‘Oh Armadillo!’ tab in the menu.


Lithuanian, Chinese, French and Russian editions of ‘The Matilda Effect.’

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Get in Touch! Ask me anything - I’m all ears

Feel free to email me or send me a letter!

You can also find me on Contact An Author.

I am represented by Charlotte Atyeo @ Greyhound Literary.

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Charity Patron

In 2018, I was invited to become a Patron of Southend-based charity, the Carli Lansley Foundation, which aims to raise funds to provide free cardiac (ECG) screenings for 14-35 year olds across Essex. The Foundation also works to provide defibrillators to be placed around Southend.

In 2017, Carli sadly passed away from Sudden Arrythmic Death Syndrome at the age of 36. The Foundation has been set up in her memory by her husband Karl and children Jessica and Ethan.

You can find out more, and add your name to an upcoming screening day, on:

Facebook: Carli Lansley Foundation - keeping young hearts healthy

Twitter: @CarliFoundation

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